Chapter 0

There are three types of people, those who are linear and those who are non-linear; or possibly there are 2.7 types of people,  those who are linear, and those who are fractal. Being linear may be a seemingly safe fallback posture, but is ultimately boring, and is actually not really safe once things get juicy.

As such, we will refer to two types of Archetypal Languages: deterministic and non-deterministic. All relate to underlying, often obscured patterns.

The deterministic ones are typically a snapshot of something or other (such as a birthtime) and are somewhat easier to work with, much like having a recipie to cook or prepare food with as a guide. More like a science as distinct from an Art, although there is indeed an Art to working and playing with the determinite variety, there is a more "concrete" structure or pre-defined framework from which to work or play. Classical music with a score and sheets of music.

Conversely, the non-deterministic variety, while of course having a structure or framework from which to describe the sensation or experience and compare notes with others, requires considerable sensing, listening, "palpating", finger in the wind, to tune in to what that sensation or experience is or is like. Analogous to the Art of seasoning to taste cooking  with without a specific recipie that results in a scrumptious meal or free-form Jazz music with a loose score, but a recognizable tune and melody.

Numerology, Astrology, Human Design, Metasymbology are examples of the deterministic variety.

The Enneagram, Depth Psychology, Jungian Analysis, Homeopathy, Art Therapy are examples of the non-deterministic variety.

Most of these scare those with serious attachments to dogma, either excessively "religoius" or excessively "sceptical". Borrowing a definition of the state of health and wellness as being one of freedom; ironically, these places that are most feared and scorned are the very places where the most healing, growth, expansion, awareness, and freedom can and does occur. Conversely, any Archetypal Language can be and often is used as a crutch or excuse for limitations or stasis. They are way-stations on a journey, not the destination of a journey. Magic happens, good things happen when they are used, played with and worked with as entry points or stepping stones, peeling back layers of illusion, opening up to more and more layers and levels of awareness and illumination.

References in print:

    Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas

This one will blow a few and open many minds. Lucidly and meticulously shows trends and cycles of humanity correlated with Planetary Archetypes. Richard is very humble and very smart. If he writes it, read it, period.

    Cards of Destiny by Sharon Jeffers

A most beautifully written primer on Metasymbology, the language of "ordinary" playing cards, which will be described below.

    Letter to Earth by Elia Wise

This one is concentrated wisdom. Elia gets it in so many ways, on so many levels. Each paragraph contains more substance than most mainstream books.

    Sensation Refined by Rajan Sankaran

Not written for the layperson. However, Rajan is the originator of Sensation/Depth Homeopathy and articulates the concepts quite well in this book. He is writing a primer for the lay audience, tentatively titled "The Other Song".